Early morning, my favorite time of day. It’s dark and the crickets are singing. I like to sit out back and listen to the crickets as they sing their beautiful song. Daylight filters into the morning and the daylight sounds begin. The crickets singing fades as the birds start their morning songs.

This is a beautiful morning full of wonder and thankfulness. I sit and listen to all the sounds and think of my family. I’m proud of all my boys. They all are very responsible. They have good wives ‘ good jobs and beautiful children that are growing up with good solid rooting. I am a lucky man and I know it.

My dog Lobo, a Siberian Husky, sits against my left side and pushes into my leg as I pet him. He seldom leaves my side since I lost my right leg. My quiet little friend that never talks back to me. He just sits and listens to my spoken thoughts and stares back at me with his big blue eyes. I am truly a lucky man.

May you have a good day. I pray the good Lord watches over you in these turbulent times. Please feel free to drop me a line. God Bless.

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