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Good Monday to you.

October 5th, 2020 in Uncategorized

Here we start a new week as of yesterday 10/03/20. It all started with a good day visiting children and grandchildren. We decided to have a bonfire at my middle sons place. My 5yr old grandson was telling us all how he was going to get hurt by the fire. He was really freaked out att the sight of the bonfire. But, before it was over, he was ok with it. We cooked smores and all had a great time around the fire. I think we’ll do it again next week.

You need to do the same thing. Please take the time to enjoy the season as you should. Take a long ride with someone you love and take in the sights and sounds of Autumn. It is my favorite time of the year. I just wish we could bypass winter. lol.

Early Mornings

September 27th, 2020 in Wonder

Early morning, my favorite time of day. It’s dark and the crickets are singing. I like to sit out back and listen to the crickets as they sing their beautiful song. Daylight filters into the morning and the daylight sounds begin. The crickets singing fades as the birds start their morning songs.

This is a beautiful morning full of wonder and thankfulness. I sit and listen to all the sounds and think of my family. I’m proud of all my boys. They all are very responsible. They have good wives ‘ good jobs and beautiful children that are growing up with good solid rooting. I am a lucky man and I know it.

My dog Lobo, a Siberian Husky, sits against my left side and pushes into my leg as I pet him. He seldom leaves my side since I lost my right leg. My quiet little friend that never talks back to me. He just sits and listens to my spoken thoughts and stares back at me with his big blue eyes. I am truly a lucky man.

May you have a good day. I pray the good Lord watches over you in these turbulent times. Please feel free to drop me a line. God Bless.

8 Simple But Highly Effective Ways To Make Money In Your Blog

September 26th, 2020 in Blogging

Blogging is just a must-have for every internet marketer out there. You cannot rely just on the old techniques. You must wake up to the BUM of web 2.0 marketing. If you know nothing about making money with your blog, then these 8 steps are for you

  1. Drive traffic to your blog. The first step to creating money from your blog is to drive traffic to it. Thus, you must learn how to optimize your blog so search engines will index it. You can also use other traffic generating tools such as article marketing, forum posting, etc.
  2. Optimize your blog name. Blog names, like any other domain names, must have these characteristics in order to drive traffic to your blog: Must contain relevant keywords, contains a maximum of 30 characters, easy to spell, easy to remember, and it must communicate what the whole blog is all about.
  3. Advertise on your blog. This is the easiest way to convert your traffic to instant money. You can opt to use Google Adsense and every time your visitors click these ads, you will earn instant cash.
  4. Link building. Exchange links with other websites or blogs that share your blog topic. Remember, the search engine will rank your blog based on the quantity and quality of links pointing to it.
  5. Join paid blogging networks. You can also make money by writing your reviews and opinions on various products and services offered online.
  6. Update your blog regularly. Give your readers something to look forward to every time they visit your blog. Post new articles, images, video, or audio at least twice a week so you will not lose your reader’s interest.
  7. Avoid grammar and spelling errors. Check your content to make sure that they are free from any error. Online users can get easily annoyed with grammar and spelling errors and take these as carelessness on your part.
  8. Be different. Make sure that your blog stands out. Offer unique content and a unique blog design that showcase your personality.

With these 8 steps, you can have some ideas on how to make money with your blog. This article is just a guide, but a very powerful one if you know how to use it.

Good Monday Morning! :)

September 21st, 2020 in Uncategorized

Wow, last night was wonderful. I slept for a full 8 hours. When I awoke this morning at 8:14, I felt great. I took my meds about 30 minutes befor I hit the sack and bam it was morning. I slept like a log and do not remember having a dream, now that’s a good nights sleep. How did you all sleep?

Good Sunday Morning

September 20th, 2020 in Uncategorized

Today is September 20, 2020. It is the first day in a very long time that I’ve beat my wife getting up and out of bed before she did.

Since losing my rt leg Christmas of 2018, She has been my Guardian Angel and hasn’t left my side except for the have to’s. It’s a beautiful Sunny day at 54 degrees outside and 48 % humidity. You cannot ask for better. I’ve made and drank my first cup of coffee and spent time just sitting and petting my dog Lobo. He’s a black and white Siberian Husky that loves attention. He gets plenty of it to.

Ok, I’ll get out of your hair. I just wanted to say good morning to everyone.

Lets Get Started

September 20th, 2020 in Uncategorized

Welcome to Blogitty.com I hope you will learn something here and visit often. I will be posting info to help you learn and possibly start your own blog to tell the world whatever it is you want them to know. You take care until next time. Thanks.

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